A Theater Oriented Budget and Payroll Tracker

Current Version: 0.0.9  

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TDTrac is a web based show budget and payroll hours tracker, built by a Technical Director, for other TD's, freelance designers, and anyone else who finds it useful. TDTrac is completely free, released as open source. We also offer hosting plans for a nominal fee (no domain required!) so you don't need to pay for webspace elsewhere.

TDTrac Features

  • Track individual show or project budgets, including:
  • Track individual show or project payroll, included:
    • An unlimited number of active or inactive employees.
    • A secure interface to allow employees to track their own hours.
    • Keep track of which payroll items have been paid, and which are outstanding
    • Remind your employees quickly via e-mail that payroll is due
  • Fine grained access control on a per show/job basis.
  • Fully mobile-ready interface for phone, ipod, tablet or netbook use.
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Version Information

Latest Stable Version: v0.0.9

Changes: Git Repo


  • MySQL 4.0+
  • PHP 5.x+
  • Apache or similar webserver
  • Approx 100 MB of space for web files + caches
  • A shared or unique MySQL database


A slight knowledge of mod_rewrite - while not required, it looks nicer


Please refer to the ever-changing README.md file in the distribution.


TDTracX is not directly compatable with TDTrac. There are a few tools in the distro to attempt to import you old users and data, but none are in working order yet.

Live Demo
The live demo of TDTrac is open to all. Data inside the demo is reset periodically, removing all but the demonstration entries.

Demo URL:: demox.tdtrac.com
Admin Login::
admin@tdtrac.com / password
Manager Login::
manager@tdtrac.com / password
Regular Login::
regular@tdtrac.com / password

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the demo broken?
The demo is likely broken because it is the first stop in the development cycle. New features happen here first. Often while I'm working, I'll break things temporarily. Stay tuned, and it will work itself out.
Where is the help?
Online help is available as of version 0.0.9 - There is a help link at the top of every page.
What new features are in x.x.x version?
Take a look at the Change Logs - The contain a per version list of new and changed features

Paid Hosting Options

Beta Tester ($35/yr)
This package includes all the bleeding edge features, with automatic updates to the latest branch version. It includes weekly offsite data backups and limited e-mail support. This package accepts occasional, minor outages, and is priced at $35USD per year.
Standard ($30/yr) (!NEW!)
This package includes automatic updates to the latest stable version, high priority uptime, and extreamly limited e-mail support. It also includes weekly offsite data backups. Currently, this package runs $30USD per year.
Gold ($60/yr) (Not Yet Available)
This package includes automatic updates, with prior notification to the latest stable version, high priority uptime, and full e-mail support. It also include bi-weekly offsite data backups. Currently, this package runs $60USD per year.
Please hit the contact link above to enquire about these hosting packages, or any other services.